NIGHTMARE (Unfinished) by Dream Theater

Accepting collabs, this is going to be 16 minutes of hell.


hope you finish before halloween


Sounds really nice, very spooky and hallish. Kind of reminds me of Bowsers castle style music. There were a few bad chords here and there, but other than that< well done!

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Oh WOW. This is already kick-ass.
Collabing on original songs just seems to complicated to me. Before I consider the offer, what do you have in mind for the song? (more specific than 16 minutes of hell)

It’s not original, it’s called A Nightmare to Remember by Dream Theater.

I think Dream theater rocks! but I was expecting Avenged sevenfold. :confused:

…and was happily surprised by how much better Dream Theater is!

OH BOY. This will be hard. Harder than I can handle.

Well with that attitude it will be! :P But I totally understand where you’re coming from.