Nightmare (update) by Avenged sevenfold

So here is what I could get on the solo
It would be really great if someone could help me on the harmonizing guitar parts
For Some reason on the part where the guitars pick very fast i cant get it to sound right
Oh, and I added the strings to the notes before the rock part kicks in

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Despite the harmonization, it sounds pretty good. Nice job.


Add bass in 3 and 4, in the video he is playing at that part of the song. Solo’s pretty good so far. Please add vocals lol

The drum fills are amazing…

I wont add the vocals right now because i would have to go back and add them on everything and that would take too long. So I am going to finish the song first before I add the vocals. Unless you want to help out on the vocals then be my guest.

A7X I can Help on Vocals if you’d like.

thank you please do that

this song is so great \m/ (how about Bat Country?)

Guess I got a new project to work on