Night's aHorror! by ANameThatIsEasy

Wow sounds really nice. why the hell i wasnt so good at your age??

its great

dont worry wilma
in this kind of world, everyone of us is different. and i adore ur difference… o_o ~iunno if that make sense~

Such kind words Thanks samuel…if that is your name. U are a special guyXD
Yes world would be in chaos if we all would be the same, and the best part being different is to learn always something new from others

rawr! o_o now my parents are telling me to do 2-3 hours of workbook~ xD my schedule is gettin tight again

Aieeee!! U got strict parents though maybe its a good thing What workbook are U doin? Wish I could have something sensible to do D=

oh no no they’re not strict xD , they just want me to be smart and not get dumb during summer o-o
lol, and im doing all subjects except science and social studies o_o

Haha U are talking like your brains would grow smaller during the summer and when U go back to school U have become dummy=D WTH Im writing right now lol…
But nice that U got those stuff…It reminds me by the way, I have to too read some school books for my last tests and then I will graduate!! And also Im trying to get art diplomaXD Im so exiteeed!!! YaY
So wish me some luck!! Cause I defenitely need it…

i know you can do it!!! I “KNOW YOU CAN!!!”

I feel much powerful allready!! Thanks hon