No fullscreen

I cant seem to get fullscreen even when playing on the official website Which is i believe this one

Everytime i click it sais: ‘’ you cant fullscreen because your not on the official website Click here for the official website > I click and get to the exact same site; notessimo. is it because of the Beta or anything? i tried it at both internet explorer and mozilla ( mozilla is my standard )

You’ll find your answer here.
Please look around the other topics to make sure what you’re posing hasn’t already been mentioned.

Thanks KdIuLdLeA

Sorry for my double topic usually i look a little before posting a comment or thread but i forgot i guess
Sorry and thanx

You’re welcome, glad to help:)

wow, how did someone with only 24 posts spell something right?

What does posts have to do with spelling?

because he already has to know about killa dude to spell it right. DUH!.. or he could have just copied and pasted… (rock)

I have a feeling it was copied and pasted lol

You know what, dragging the window’s edges to enlarge it would’ve worked probably.
That would be pretty good enough.