No Longer Human by Adiamorph

So, I got my first chance in a very long time to play an actual acoustic piano a couple weeks ago.
Playing that became the most intense moment of my life. I completely forgot that I was actually at someone’s party and I had not realized that I gathered a crowd.

Anyway, this is based on something I came up with then.
It actually has melody, unlike my other stuff which is more beat-driven.

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Yes. Just yes.

I can’t seem to come up with any words farther than that.

Now excuse me while I listen to sheet 2 and 3 for the next decade.


this is more rock

That’s a Pianock (piano mixtured with rock) song. I’ve mentioned this.

…What? Just because you’ve mentioned something doesn’t mean everyone is suddenly aware.

HA! Wrong answer. The rock mixtured with piano creates that new style. THAT’S WHY!