Nobuo Uematsu ~ FF II ~ Castle Pandemonium ~ Rearranged by CtelinAjira by CtelinAjira

Another great one from Final Fantasy II.

Remove sheet 99 for infinite looping

Video I used:

How do you manage to make so many epic songs so fast?

I have no complaints, except the Timpani was too soft sometimes.
Also you could’ve put a trombone part layered with the trumpet to have an epic sound, I think.

I just have a good ear.

I just don’t like how the trombone instrument in Notessimo strays off-key after a certain period. That’s why I didn’t include a trombone part.

Anyhow, I have an older piece that I don’t think has been rated.
Interestingly, it’s one of the few I’ve made that I haven’t redone/rehashed/otherwise-done-over.

If you don’t like the trombone, try using the (good) trumpet an octave down than what it should be, usually works as a substitution, that or the french horn.

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I’ll have to remember that.

That’s a good Idea