Nobuo Uematsu ~ Legendary Beast ~ Rearranged by CtelinAjira by CtelinAjira

loop is contained in sheets 7-22.

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sigh Another expertly made 7+ long final fantasy song that will end up getting featured. Something new and different.

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Yes its very cool… but… could you try somthing new?


Wow, “COULD YOU TRY SOMETHIGN NEW”? You guys are sick.

This is great, keep doing what you’re doing.

no… it was an amazing job, that wasent what im was saying. I would just like to see other things that she could do, thats all.

Was that a typo, or do you actually think I’m a girl?
And yes, I HAVE done another kind of piece.
Listen and weep.

Wow, that’s pretty awesome.

sounds good

Your avatar is of a girl. Because there are no other clues of your gender, I’d think you were female too.

I’[ll have to add that in there somewhere in my profile