My first song! :)
Excuse me if this is the wrong genre for this song, I tried my best. :P
This song is designed to loop. :)

Better than most. Pretty decent.

Welcome to the magical land of Notessimo. Unicorns are too mainstream. I hope you see a phoenix AND a dragon! :D I have yet to see either one.

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and Vinyl Scratch bangin’ some beats!

Thanks for the feedback bro!

Uhhhh… Who’s that? XP

Didn’t like some things, but it’s a first song and for a first song you did a great job!

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Thanks for your opinion! What did you not like about it? My next one will be a little better i hope. XP

Welcome :), any and every song can be put into the Notessimo 2 category as the newer categories were originally for Notessimo V3. It was good for a first song though!

Notessimo V3? Where?

It’s not out yet.
Actually, a lot of users have been leaving because they’re waiting for V3 to come out… Hopefully you won’t end up being one of them.