Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom - Parry Gripp ((Done! :D) by Yo Mama (Just kidding, IceMarioEx)

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
(EDIT: Tiny bit of noms on description so people can stfu :angry: )


You are starting one line off…you can place notes where the pink line starts…hope that is helpfull

Err, I knew that already, It’s just my way.

You just coppied Nom nom nom nom a few thousand times didn`t you? LOL

You play ROBLOX?


spamtroll Px

Yes I do play Roblox.

Then alot of people got banned by trying a free robux site. + me.
So I made a alt.

I play Roblox also.

I felt like scratching it out because everyone else is. O.o

Anyway, you are starting off good, but make it LOUDER.
I had my volume on 100% and I could barely hear it.


But goto the sound mixer, and make sure the INTERNET volume is 100%
(To make loud)

Bitch please, Minecrafts better. ^_^


Ah videogame nazis, the poeple I hang around with. =3 I dont play eather so I dont realy care.

I Think the song is pretty good… 3/5**

fuck up.