Northward Quest (unfinished... but close xD) by George

Well here it is… Please tell me what you think down in the comments… I have worked so hard on this; I want this song to be remembered… I wana know if you think its that good!


I just think it kinda drifts on…sometimes there should be a counter-melody and such. Snare is too loud, too many melody repeats.

Is there anything you like about it? I wish you would tell me some good with the bad, I know its not perfect… but…

there are TONS of counter melodys.

What would you rate it? 0-10?

erm, finish it and make more melodies in that orchestra of yours

Verbist… this song is definitely not short of melodies.

I read all these comments and people tend to ask to add parts into a song that it doesn’t need.

Wow, I was late. Didn’t realize it was finished. Disregard my comment/critique.