Hello all!

Aiming to keep the opening post relevant to all people for all time I’m just gunna explain the idea here.

A collab song where each member of the collab may only use one instrument (or multiple instruments stacked on top to make a single sound) (or a single “stream” of an instrument, like how a guitarist may activate a distortion pedal, making it technical a new instrument in notessimo but not in real life)

ANYWAY one person per instrument collabs … like being in a band-ish



So now for my not relevant to people years from now post

I have this song i made on noteflight (which is pretty cool, you should check it out) but its only got a guitar part.

I’d love to make this for a full rock/indie/alternative band but i just am so absorbed by the guitar part (i guess cus i wrote it over year by playing it all the time) that i just end up layering the same melodies or chords over it … which is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING

Anywho I’d like to gauge everyones interest before i commit to making it again in notessimo

I require (would like and be very greatful for):

A bass guitarist
A drumer
A Vocalist
A lyricist (not sure about this … it is my baby after all … also not sure it should be seperate… could be interesting)
MAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBE (maybe) a second guitarist. (lame slow rythm stuff mostly … maybe a solo at some point)

Edit: SO MANY RED ERROR LINES…too drunk to give a sheet

Dibs on bass.

Dibs on spectator.

I’m the drummer!

Lyrics are on me!

if you ever need a keyboard player, I could take that part.

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I’ll be notessifying it tonight then! thanks for everyone being excited or interested in the idea. Remember this is a thread for everyone to do this. Not just this one time then never again.

I don’t mean to create a divide or derail this topic… but for those users who have access to v3, why not form a jam together using samples of us playing instruments that we know how to play?

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Good idea … completely forgot (or just didnt realise i guess) you could do that

I’ll do the vibraphone part.

how many people are actually going to have good enough recording equipment for that? I sure as heck don’t!

The project has been at a stand still for a very long time now. We are looking for anyone interested in doing a “vocal” layer above the rest of the song to get it finished.

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