Notessimo 1

It works … slightly.

Anyway, share your Notessimo 1 songs here!

Nice idea! How did you manage to get it to appear though?

The magic of stellar explosions.

I was thinking more of a biokonetic nano mutation of files stored away for hibernation of the bittersweet coldness of the 2nd dimention’s winter wonderland, awaiting to be open by none other than NUSELLINE! and re-open the enclosed files awating a terrifying danger yet when opened a safe and natural ending awaited it’s former destiny. Yet here it is today.

The button’s right there you know>

Damn window’s too small.

I’m sorry you were not satisfied, Ace.

How can we satisfy you Ace? (shut up…)

I think i agree with Ace, the window is too small, make it bigger!

Verbist don’t quote flash files and videos!

Also I don’t think I can make it bigger. :c

Go to file, open URL, then copy and paste that.

Haha nice. When did you make this?


We have a winner for the best N1 song in this thread.

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And the only one… LOL!

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