Notessimo Awards

Want to vote for your favourite musicians only on this very site?

This is where we see if this year who is the 2009 favourite musician.
We’ll see who is the best of what they can do!

Here’s the genres.

Real Songs (Copied by Ear)
Piano Only!
Popish Stuff

Best Composer (For each genre)
Best Overall Composer
Creative Composer (Whoever has the most amount of songs seen on their list is awarded!)
Best Use of Drums
Best Riffs
Best Use of Strings
Best Winds Composer

PM me on who should be nominated.
Reason: We should see who people like.

Non-members cannot be apart of this. (Non-members cannot vote or participate in the awards. Polls are however allowed.)
You cannot vote for yourself except on the poll. That is for fun.

Question: does replecations have to be copied by ear?
a couple of mine (HEY I’ve been nominated (hlisten) ) are not…

and 2, How long will this last…?

EDIT:and 3, can you capitalize my username on the poll?

FINAL EDIT: thanks!

I don’t think we need the “myself” option

Add roastmasters up there then we got a contest, you heard of him before? Man that kid is amazing. I wish i was him.

Spacepixel: 1. It doesn’t really matter. This only goes to the songs you made.
2. Until we have all of the genres covered. (At least)
3. Yes.

Anthony: It’s for fun. Doesn’t matter but if it’s unnecessary and could lock it out, I will change it.

Roastmasters: Lol. Sure.

Where’s the DC? Also, hurray for being the first voted for. (oh shit, disregard that, someone changed their mind…)

*****DC! DarkChameleon. Mr. Muse. My totally-gay-for-him bestest friend.

DC? Refresh my memory…what?

Oh, okay. Haven’t heard his music but sure.

We’lll start voting for the best musician to create rock.
The songs can’t be copied off one that has been made by a real band.
So no Crazy Train, Dragonforce, it must be made up. VOTE NOW!

My god you actually put my name up there?..

well i know who im voting for!

sooooo…best composer of original rock?

Whatever kind, like I do, like you do. Any kind of rock as long as you made it up. BTW, we’re only counting the songs you made before this post. So too late to make changes.

haha, roast…you voted for yourself, didn’t you. (hlisten)

Who WOULDN’T vote for roast when it comes to original rock?

Heres a hint: NOT YOU


oh, were going for original rock? I thought it was overall, so I voted for White Fang. I personally, wouldn’t consider his songs rock, but that’s just my opinion.

Quick question: why the poll?
It’s pretty much anonymous, so you can’t enforce the “don’t vote for yourself” rule (and can multi-vote for yourself with alts I guess…).
It’s a ridiculously long list that is still missing potential candidates.
It’s unclear what category is up unless one has read every post in the thread.

A better idea might be ballots via PM (or here if we want to make this a bit more open) for each category all at once. Also, the categories should be modified. I’m thinking:
Best Original Composer
Best Original Song
Best Cover
Best Collab. (?)
Best Composer
Best Song
Best Instrument (Bass #4 ftw)
Most/Least Liked Member

or you know… the genre thing might work.

Yeah, I like Hypo’s idea…

actually…the best N2 instrument is synthesizer #3 (hlisten)

my favs are:
Keyboard:Rhodes 2
Strings:Strings 1
Brass:French Horn
Winds:Tenor Sax
Percussion and Drum Kit has no fav cuz theres too many too choose from.

sorry DC but it had to be Hypo…

Also my fav instrument is metal guitar

yes! I’m not alone!

I’m also an avid fan of the metal guitar

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