Notessimo Background

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Notessimo Background

This is a place to get backgrounds for your songs :cool:

You can request a background for a song you made, or are making. The community will create a background that fits the song.
If you create an image, you can PM the requester or post it on this topic.

Suggested image size: 16:9

Current compatible file formats:

Topic under construction
Whether this belongs in General or Collabs is up to the community

Community favorites:
If the community thinks your created background is top notch, a link to it goes here.

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Changeable rules:

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I like this.

I know a good background image

Type 'Space Wallpapers" into google images. The first 5 are always the best.

Neon Waves HD

Google ‘anime’

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Google ‘Hentia’

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Eh… NO

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Google ‘color’

We should restrict this thread to artwork made by the community, since all of us know how to use Google Images.


Removed “or find” from the original post…

Does anyone know the full file extension compatibility list for the background?

Well, JPEGs and PNGs work fine.



I can quote too.

Okay, I’ll trust you and add that to the compatibility list

A message keeps coming up on my newly uploaded video saying “Hit the Road, Jack”. Is that because of the background?

that’s an old glitch.