Notessimo Community Collab (My Part) by The Community

I did a lot of mixing, rather than really working, but I hope you enjoy anyways!


| Added sheets 36, 38, 39, 40, and 41 |


I dig it how you mixed my drumstep beat with the melody from the beginning. Nice way to add consistency, although the guitar melody is a bit fast at that bpm:P Sounds neat though!

yea that mix of the beat and melody was good (a little fast) but still awesome!

We skipped AddyIce.

Oh well. Nice remix.

Noice, mah boi.

Couldn’t find a part further than part 10. I feel like Mr. Douche Dickwaddington.

I see Hellstick inspired you to do that 600 BPM, this is awesome!!!

Thats not 600bpm though, since i space out my notes further then some people do. His sheets are closer to 180bpm or so.

hate to feel like that…

Sheet 32 remind me of Brave Fencer Musashi… Because it’s a remixed version of Topo’s Rave Party. A bit, anyway.