Notessimo Contest Entry 2015

add me in

tfw last post was almost two weeks ago. This still a thing?

well, are people making collabs?

I feel like we need some dates to work towards. I don’t know, just something to get this moving. Right now it feels like an endless who’s going to participate phase and no one is really doing anything (not that that’s the case, just how it feels).

Also I’m thinking about switching partners at the moment, to Blarg. Not final though just preliminary.

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Yes, perhaps formalize this as representing a real event, so for get more people to participate. (Perhaps add in the news?)

Hi! May I join as Solo? or I have to join with a partner?

tbh, I am probably not gonna do much with this since I start college tomorrow. so you can take my spot fran

sure, no problem

So, Bump. Any news on this front?

I’m about to finish uni for the year so i can get working on the collab again in the next 3 or so weeks.
I feel like advertising it on the news page as a community event would work really well.

Why not … but we need more members … impossible.

I’ll join if it is still going

If you wish Mucì, could we form a team? If yes, this will give us 5 team, but 4 if User and ggfchl form a team.

I’m up for working with anyone.

hahahahhahahahahahaahahahahhahhahaha don’t think it’s gonna happen bud.


…Okay then. Not sure what the beef is. Guess the 3 pairs should just give this a first go or it will never start.​

Before starting we have to complete teams … only 2 members and it’s good!


2 more members for participate?

Others peoples interrested?