Notessimo Contest Entry 2015

Hi everyone! Before we begin, I want to apologize for this bad english …

So, Here, I want to set up a Notessimo contest, which will take place by collab and vote. This contest oppose large team of 2 user, music will have to be collab!

I can not give you the time as registration will not be completed.
  • Each team will not be able to be more than 2, and must send their collab in time.

  • Once all the collab post, it will be displayed on this topic , and the team will start voting.

  • Each team can award points only 3 teams. 1 times 3 point 1 times 2 points and 1 point once. ( Try not to favoritism …) We can then establish a leaderboard at the end of the contest! =)

  • There will be 3 judges who will each give points in the same ways that teams.

  • If two music is first and have the same number of points, the judges will tie which music is the winner.

  • First, second and third team win a feature in order!

I hope you would be many, because I’d really like to create a kind of event … ^^

Judges :

  • Blargzargo ( Not sure )

  • Skyriad

  • MellifluousMelodyMaker

Teams :

  • Snoop Dogg / Dr. Dre

  • User / ( To be confirmed )

  • QVX 797 / Antonim

  • ggfchl / ( To be confirmed )

  • Idea / Mucì

Thank you and good luck to all the team, registration is open =)
(Both members must be willing to form a team)

I’ll be a judge unless there needs to be another person on a team.

I’m of the opinion that maybe the best three will be featured (and listed here in order from 1st to 3rd), but it’s w/e

I’ll be a collaber

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Yes, It is true that to pass some great music would hurt the heart … I had said that the first because I expected that we are few. But if we are many, this could be interesting.

I approve dis!

Put me into the contestant pool!

I’m in :smiley:

Me and Dr. Dre are partners for this contest.

I’d like to be apart of this, but i don’t know if i would be a very reliable partner : P

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Mhh … can I participate to the contest with you?


I’ll judge!

Can confirm.

I don’t quite understand how this rule works.

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Someone? Anyone?

Each team can vote three time, so, for three teams. The team can give one time 3 points to a team, one time 2 points and 1 time 1 point. The others teams get 0 point. ^^

Each team gets 3 votes,
They give 3 points to one team, 2 points to another and 1 point to the last.

Team 1 needs to vote, they decide to give team 5 three points, team 4 two points and team 2 one point.

hmm, kinda seems like the judges don’t have much purpose if the teams are judging themselves. Also, what’s to stop a team from voting for itself?

Afterwards, if the teams do not vote, it need us many judges … many judges which means fewer teams …: /

Organisation lvl: none