Notessimo Converter

I just updated the Notessimo Converter

Just fixed a few bugs like when a song had invalid file name characters, it was impossible to convert (like Starfox/Starwing - Corneria which now works )

Please tell me if you encountered any bugs !!!

Too lazy to check, but did you add the convert to mp3 yet?

No. Still just .wav

what do i do after i download the notessimo converter?

Extract the .jar file from the compressed folder (I recommend winrar). If you have Java, then just run the .jar file. If not, get java.

it says that “several java virtual machines running in the same process caused an error” when i try and download it…now what?..please?

EDIT: never mind. i figured it out, thanks 8-)

Man, That Sucks. I thought You could Just convert. I dont want to pay for Win Zip!

You don’t technically have to pay for it. The 30 day trial lets you run it with no restrictions, and it still lets you use it even after that, but with a longer load time.

I thought everybody with a computer has an iPod…

Wow. Not everybodys rich, you know.

I downloaded java AND the converter, i still cant figure out how to download the song. sorry for double post.

Find the .jar file probably titled “Notessimo Converter.”
Double-click it.
The “ - Converter [BETA]” box should appear.
In the “Link :” text box there should already be the following text : “
Type you Song ID# after the “=”
Click the WAV button. (Hurry up with that mp3 Starburst!)
Select where you want to put the new audio file.

oh, hat makes more sense. thanks Hypo XD

I have just down loaded it and when i try to open it, it dose not work it says to (please insert the last disk of multi-volume set and click ok to continue)!

What dosse that mean?
Please help

You probably need to download Java.

After I type in the link and press WAV a window pops up that says “Downloading .AM File…” and it has a loading bar that never moves. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong. If it helps, I have a mac…

Converter is currently not working. You can use Audacity to record it.

Or Freecorder too, which is easier.

I tried using Freecorder, but it recorded each second as different songs. I’m new to it, though, so what do I do to connect the parts of my song?

Everytime there is a pause in sound or a lag on your computer, freecorder will stop recording and begin a new file when the sound comes back on. To connect them, I would suggest audacity.