Notessimo Family Chart v2.0 ★ NEW VERSION!★

Here’s the new version of the family chart. Most pairings have changed. If there are any inconsistencies, problems, or whatnot, feel free to post here or message me. Thanks!

Here’s Muse’s version:


this is the best thing ever.

Why do I have to get all the incest D:


No idea…
To confusing for me to read.

I dont get it XD
Could someone elaborate?:P

Hypo, DC and Kd are your parents (which is a big compliment). I’m not sure about the line to Karo though.

Oh yeah! I remember being related to Frankov! You remembered I’m related to Frankov!

Looks like my parents are Dynamite and Slipnot. Can some explane there personalities. I want to understand this chart more.

I matched people according to their skill and style.

Well, some of them.

D: I don’t see me D:

Goes to corner crying because I’m apparently not part of the notessimo family

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WAIT! I’m adopted!

And I don’t see TheFinalBoss.

My parents are dead. I’m batman.

EDIT: TheFinalBoss = TFB. He’s off of Star and Karo.

KD + Slip = FlamingDucky. I lol’d so hard.

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I did add you somewhere. You were related to Thamoron… Maybe I pressed Ctrl+Z a bit too much and forgot about it.

I’m guessing Thamoron is Tham (Which has Ashley, Ixseft, and Fran coming off of him, but no me). But awesome. I’m honored to be related to the person who made the first Dancing Mad cover :D

I can’t see guitarskills!

Where Am I ?

Coming out of Sonny and Tham!

I’m Coolplay’s Godfather

Can I be the adopted child? D:
Or the random test-tube child formed from modified cow DNA. That would be cool too.