Notessimo Hall of Fame

Thanks Ali=3ns for bringing this idea up. one award per person
Most Valuable Composer: Hellstick
Cover Master: Coolplay
Song meme award: Dr. Dre
Spam music award:
Most Valuable Forum poster: Blargzargo Hlalluington
Epic Win award (song) : “V3 test” by Drago the Dog
Epic Win award (forum) :
Soundcloud Genius : Tsukasa
Most Valuable Artist : GCVL
Most Forum posts: Nuse
Most Songs: Timothy Verbist
Consistent content (song) publishing :
Best Video Game covers: SuperNintendoGameboy
Most Featured Songs: Antonim
Most Featured Songs runner up: ALI=3NS
Longest active member: User
Longest active member Runner Up : Reversed Reference
Longest active Mod: qoby
Longest active Mod runner up: Star

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I want my name nowhere near the words “epic win”

Best video game covers: Antonim, probably
Most forum posts: Nuse
Most featured songs: Antonim, probably
Most songs: TV
Most valuable composer: Hellstick, no contest
Soundcloud genius: Tsukasa
Spam music award: TV


Biggest Kanye Fan: me

Thanks mate, this makes me want to compose!:slight_smile:


most valuable composer

tf u mean “valuable”

Most Unreliable for Collaboration: Me

I edited this a bit. check it out. Only one award is being given out to a member.

I dunno about this, the only times when people have voted for my songs to be featured was either who I was collaborating with or me

Well, I went through all the featured songs and you had the second most. DarkChameleon was at third place

Wait how is Cartrox the longest active member? I’ve been a member since 2009, before him. And you’ve got if I’m disqualified for being a moderator.\

Oh, and Qoby is still active, and was a member before me. I don’t know if I became a mod before him or not, but he’s technically the longest active moderator.

Put me down for the longest review writer or something :slight_smile:

You might also wanna remove the “least” ones. They seem kinda like darwin awards: Not fun to get.



Longest active member: Reversed Reference
Mmmm probably not… User has been around since 01/01/09 and last active this month.

I’m talking about still posting here and there (songs or forum) not just visiting the site.

ok did that. crossed them out

I guess I have false info. I am considering active by still posting stuff on this site and others (like discord and whatnot).
I’ll make a change.

Give me more suggestions for awards.
I don’t have one yet.

Biggest kanye fan!!! > : ^ (

I’m pretty sure you were made a mod first. I was only recruited around late 2010 to help fight off the bots who kept clogging these forums with cock remedies.

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Most collabs? That’ll be a nightmare to figure out i’m sure…
Also i totally don’t have 19 of them or anything

The bots were great. I came on like 3 times a day to delete up to 200 bot threads at a time. Now I check new threads and emails for reports that I get once a month and a half.

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Geez, logging on just to delete pages of bot posts; the life.
We almost need a most bot posts deleted, although impossible to track (it’s surely one of the earliest mods though)