Notessimo keeps breaking

It just seems really buggy lately. The old can’t move/delete notes problem, but also sometimes the menu bar disappears, graphics get glitchy and I can’t save, or preview notes or anything.

I’ll need to start using something else!

Did you upgrade to Firefox 4? I haven’t upgraded yet.
Maybe it has to do with Adobe flash player being upgraded so often (Notessimo was designed for version 9).

Actually, I use Chrome. And maybe you’re right, it’s getting outdated (which is sad).

Its been working quite fine for me…

I know this is a uselessly late reply, but I have an explanation for some of the glitches. When the notes refuse to be moved or deleted, it is because you scrolled down to the bottom of the sheet. To fix it, simply scroll away from where the glitch occurred and come back (so if I am working around the leftmost part of the sheet and the glitch hits, I just scroll to the rightmost part of the sheet and move back). Hope that helps!

Thanks, I’ll try that out. But resizing the page works too.