Notessimo Listening Room

I’ve set up a Notessimo listening room on
You need to make an account before you can join or else you’ll get sent to the lobby.
Join here (The password is “notessimo”)
When should we have our first meeting? How does Thursday 5pm PST sound?


I’ll be an outsider till next week, also seems like the room is offline.

You have to login before you can enter the room. Otherwise, you’ll just get sent to the lobby.

ooo this looks cool

I’m doing another one on Sunday. 5pm PST.

Next listening session is 30/3/2016, 5:00 PM PST.

im in

but it’s always lonely

I’ll be there on Sunday 5pm PST. I think that’s Monday in Australia. Time zones are confusing.

That’s 11 am saturday for me, next week then? Because it’s saturday and past 11 am .-.

what no. It’s 43 hours from now.


i wanna do dis

then join dis

I think there should be a rule of how long songs can go for in the room

I’m thinking no 7 minutes or longer?