Notessimo Nightmare Beta CSS error?

I assigned my theme to the Nightmare Beta theme, and today it looked like the CSS didn’t load properly.

Could a site admin take a look into this?

THE site admin hasnt been on in 7 days :roll:

or else we could share songs

Ummm… there’s more than 1 site admin now…

But he doesnt post very often…has he even posted??

EDIT: 3 posts and last visit was March 10th…

Well, the original Nightmare is my favorite. It’s faster

I like faster things.

That’s what I said.


What I said.

Just to say, it’s in Beta, which means that’s unfinished. I’m sure we’re not actually meant to use it yet.

OH SHIT! I meant to say “that’s what she said”! D:
Dammit… that’s a fail.

It was lol.

Someone didn’t edit your post, I specifically remember an “I”

Edit: I just realized this was pointless

Wow, you fail.

I nominate this for the most failest post.

double phial. I don’t think “Failest” is a word, and it’s not that post you quoted, its his post a few before that. (no, Im not saying this in a mean way. Ill put a LOL here to make it seem less serious) LOL

When I posted LMAO it was she…

O rly?
glares at Sandalman

I saw the I in there…

Woah what did I do?