Notessimo won't let me compose

When I try to compose something, It runs fine for 1 minute then I press “Play” Then “Stop”, Then I can’t place, move, or edit the Notes/Instruments Help!

Radeon HD 6450 Graphics
Phenom II Processor
4.0GB Ram
HP L1908w Monitor

Does anyone know the problem?

We’ve never had this before. Can you explain a bit more? Maybe with screenshots?

Does it happen every time you try to compose? What internet browser do you use?

Every time I try it freezes
I use Firefox
It does the same thing with Chrome and Internet explorer

I don’t know. The only things I can suggest are things like.

Restart your computer
Re-install flash player
Clear your cookies/cache (this will deleted your songs saved locally)
Check if there are any add-ons or programs which might interfere

I don’t know what else. Maybe you could just press pause instead of stop.
Could you take a screenshot maybe?

Did you set the tempo or sheet to 0?

Nothing seems to be causing it trouble, This is weird how it’s only happening to me.

Tempo: 120
Sheet: 1
I really miss notessimo

Screenshots, or maybe even a recording?

I’ll try and record.

Does it happen on all layers?

It happens on every layer.

This happens EVERY time I do it.

Is adobe flash up to date on your computer?

Try scrolling the page (vertically) to the middle. Scrolling to the extreme top or bottom can cause these issues.

Well, I tried updating adobe 10 times, I think it’s up-to-date. Maybe a part of my software is not compatible. Is there a list of working/not working hardware?

Holy cow monkies! Scrolling up alot makes it work! Thanks for the advice Nuse!

Avoid running in full-screen and make sure the very bottom of the compose screen is not visible (i.e. your scroll bar is not at the bottom) this is known to cause issues.


No problem. Sandalman’s answer is better.

I dont know what the problem could be. but the notessimo website drop down things (like the “browse” and “songs” drop down things)still dont work for me.

No, I could not think of what to call them.

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