Notessimo won't upload my song!

Okay, so anyways, I finished a song today, but when I tried to upload it this happened: when it showed what should be the link to the song, in the link, the song’s ID was 0, and when I tried to visit this link, it led me to some page with text saying: “The requested topic does not exist.” What is going on; why is Notessimo not letting me upload this song, which I worked my ass off for hours on end to make!?

Hmm, well did you upload more than 10 songs that day?

If he did that, it would’ve had an id of -2. I don’t know why it’s doing that though.

Save the song and waited out, happened to me too without even sharing one song in the past 2 days.

Hm, happened to me to. Annoying, I really want to share my song!

Me too. >:roll:


I actually am grateful for this glitchy thing. Because I wasn’t allowed to share the song, I worked extra hard on it. If I would’ve been able to share it, I would’ve shared it and then forgotten about it. I’m gonna try now in the future to work extra hard on songs. Thank you bug thing!

Same thing is happening to me, I’ve been trying to share an unfinished song for 2 days.
I would finish it, but I don’t know if it’s worth my time, if I can’t even share it.
And I’m definitely not over the 10-song limit, I havent even used Notessimo in months.

I think one of the featured songs are affecting it in some way. :3

And what one might that be?

Thats what I was thinking…plus I believe this isnt the first time anyway…so I don’t think it would be the featured songs…

Well, I think Fireball was joking. Anyway, I hope the upload will be different when it returns.

That’s been happening to me for about a week now. I really want to upload Magic Man’s Stage theme!

We should kill the Admins. I know a good method involving an inflammable liquid, a few matches, and a long stick.

I know a good method involving several squirt guns, a hamster on a wheel, two Wacom tablets, some K’nex, a box of crayons, and a sledgehammer coated in caramel. (Thank goodness for the Incredible Machine!)

I assume the caramel-covered sledgehammer is for me.

No, we stick it to the crayons, which then allows it to act as a rainbow-powered killer. The squirt guns are to power the rainbow, which makes the sledgehammer move over the rainbow, causing it to bump into the hamster wheel. The turning wheel moves a K’nex box across the two Wacom Tablets, thus making really bad art. The admins, being the arty-farty people they are, go to the computers and scoff the artwork, spitting on the monitors. The spit completes a rainbow bridge with the sledgehammer, thus causing it to fall on their heads, causing them to get a concussion and die. I have a knack for this kind of stuff.

…ok you go do that.

when do we start ←

lol usage of mainly unused smiles