Notessimo's "One More Thing" (Remaster) by THEFinalBoss

Original Version

Purpose of the remaster:
-I wanted to make it work on the new player without out-of-tune instruments
-I wanted to work on something but couldn’t get motivation for originality
-I wanted people to listen to something again
-h3x 4 lif3

I bet nobody noticed but I put the wrong file in first…

Either player works fine.
New player has some minor balance issues with the trumpets and saxophone.
Old player should be played with “High” sound quality (not best, it ruins the bass sound).


Overall the new player is a lot louder compared to the old one. I do like the bass sound in the new one however.

I always forget there are quality settings in the old player.

Someone feature this. For Christmas.

Sadly the original was already featured - I doubt they would feature the remaster.


It’s an original…

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