The thread for SimCity 2013! Notessimo Ville, Notessity/Notecity, etc…

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First step: Picking a name
Second step: Waiting eight months

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I already know all the names I will choose from for my single-player games, but if we want to have a big Notessimo multi-player city, then we’ll need to decide on one. And not Notessity.

Yep. I usually pick my names based on other languages like Latin or Greek.

How about Starburst City?

How about Ixetf City?

How about Nuselline Is King City?

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how about Long Hair City (where skyscrapers have long hair)

How about no.


How about Snails City?

Our city will be fast-paced, not like a snail.

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then i’ll call it: Sonfax The Grand City

No, Sonfax is a person, not a city.

… what is this?

This is my favourite city name.

George, it’s a simulation game where you build a city.

How about DarkChameleonopolis

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Or Jack Andersonopolis to be extra stalkery.

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oha… I see…