In notessiville all is peaceful, Or so we think… New song may be the coolest ever! And some may…well… toilet fush so our job is to keep notessiville peaceful as the Bad/Good era continues.
more topics on the otherhand either equal to happy ending or no one wants to answer my topic cough I mean your topics. This is just a tryout on whoose songs are good. And whoose songs are slightly suckish, Yellowtail J44 gets the same issue. Some are greater than great! and then some…

Locked. Please read rules, they’re stickied.

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I also want to add:

Alien, please clarify your writing. It was hard to understand the purpose of this thread. In the future, please state the purposes of your threads explicitly - in other words, directly and without possible confusion.

While constructive criticism is fine, judging people’s work as “suckish” is not. This forum is not a place to put people down. Therefore, threads with such a purpose cannot be allowed to exist.