[NTP] Bugler's Holiday Hangover by Song Guy......... Rearranged by xXLink41Xx/Blargzargo Hlaaluington

LOWER YOUR VOLUME!!! Sheets 11 and 8 are capable of breaking your eardrums!!!

Psshhhh! Carrot. could easily do better on this. I think carrot. is the best at these anyway. I spent 8 hours on this (I work really slowly).

NTP stands for NoTessimo Poop, based off of YouTube Poop. Carrot. is the reason why we make these.

I’ll give anyone a cookie if they can guess all 3 songs on sheet 4 (excluding the drums, because they originate from the remix of Bugler’s Holiday). But let me give you a hint: They’re all Touhou songs.

EDIT: I made sheets 8 and 11 louder so TV will admit that it’s loud.


listens to sheets 8 & 11 they do not turture my eardrums, but please finish this NTP and you’ll get 5/5

Carrot. You’ve created a monster.

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With the kind of shit you make, of course they don’t hurt your ears


I lol’d

Vampire ears can hear a louder Sheet 2,5 & 10. Sheets 8 & 11 are still not loud enough to torture my ears! So please make them louder!


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K then… (dunno what else I can say…) oh yeah… TTTTTTTTTTTRRRRRROOOOOOLLLL

I feel 3 times happier now.

I still can’t believe your 18.

Verbist, I want you to go to an airport and stand close to the rear end of a jet plane before it takes off. See if that causes your ears to bleed.

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Why u muder my song?

Sheet 11 My left ear hurts & my speakers are cracking!
Sheet 1 Vibraphone sounds like a telephone.
Sheet 8 Dude, you are acting like me, please!

1 day, you can.

Heian Alien, Flight of the Bamboo Cutter~Lunatic Princess, and Legendary Illusion~Infinite Being.