Octoviator's Songs | Now with 100% less polls!

Songs Organized from best to worst by my personal opinion.
1.) Haunted Hallows | No key signature is best key signature
2.) Dreamworks (Ambient) | Fun Fact: Dreamworks was actually made/inspired from a random song made in a couple minutes.
3.) Super Blunt Swag Song
4.) Creation of a Titan (Metal)
5.) Race Around the Alien with Four Giant Its NEWER
6.) Reach (Instrumental)
7.) Tetris - A (Remix/Techno)
8.) Tetris - B (Remix/Rock)
9.) BORING ZZZ (Piano Duo Thing) | Basically me testing out what chords were since I didn’t know at the time lol
10.) Some Failed Collab (Concert Band) NEWEST
11.) Epinephrine
12.) The Deaf Song (VG)
13.) The Deaf Song 2 (VG)
14.) “Uhhh…idk” REMIXED OH YEAH (Remix/Techno) | Made when I was my amazing immature 12 year old self and I thought a guy was a girl. Fun times.
15.) Quiet (Techno/Loop)

making songs over 3 minutes is overrated

You’ve been making really good songs lately, octo. Keep up the good work.

HA I got the lawyer spot. :twisted:

THANKS! :twisted:

You getz one moar internet.

Kd still has more.

Woah. Haunted Hallows. 5/5


I gotta’ say. Haunted Hollows is one of the best Notessimo-created songs I’ve heard so far! Good work man!

Thanks for the awesome comments guys.

Got 'nother one, not to good as the rest though :\

That’s a wonderful song, octo, I loved the dry toms.

I’ll give you 5/5 since you have the word “penis” in the title.

Hey octo, did you see my critique in the critique thread?

Ah darn, another four.

Well, at least it wasn’t 3 star material or the “you’re just barely getting this” 4 stars.

Anyway, thanks for the criticism! :twisted:

Oh and can you feature it because it has such little views…

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of views from people like Fire.

That was a good song, it was short and was pretty repetitive, and nothing super awesome than the synths. Despite that, it was still awesome, i give it a 4.5/5.

Wow I inspired Haunted Hallows, i feel honored lol

And I inspired it without even making a song. Imagine how I feel!

LOL all it took was 4 words in you sig rofl


I need to study something else then make ingenious riffs out of them.


Me me me me me!