OK! whats is with the Walrus shtuff (and my little pony, but thats an old thingeh) DISCUSS:

I dont understand! I mean… I like Disneys Winnie the Pooh, but, MY LITTLE PONIE… I have never even ever SEEN a little pony thing!..

and back to the realness of this topic…

what is with the walrus guy…

he seems to be eh troll or spammer to me…

Prove me wrong…


I don’t know, I think that The Walrus is a pretty cool guy. I mean, how many walruses will you ever get to know that can accurately use a keyboard and at least be able to understand English like it was his first language.

Also, no clue about the My Little Pony stuff.

hes not realy a walruz :mad: :|

What? Dude, you must be kidding me. His name is The Walrus and he can type in Walrus, and he also has pictures, of what I presume is his family, in his signature.

Dude is totally a walrus.

Thank you, Sir “Austin”. Here, as a token of my appreciation, have some Walrus Love:

And yes, the smaller “picture” next to my writing here is a picture of myself. Below, it is a picture of me and my mate, and me and my baby walrus. :3

[My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | Know Your Meme

t](My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | Know Your Meme)l;dr: It’s an amazing show. Watch it.

Also, walrus is a walrus, don’t be racist.

I hate to be the bad guy but we don’t need a topic dedicated to discussing one user. And MLP has it’s own thread.