Older Legend of Zelda games

Games like Minish Cap and Wind Waker, that were on the older consoles, like Gamecube and GBA.

My personal favorite is Minish Cap, mainly because it was my first Zelda game, and secondly because it was very well thought through and put together.

I loved Minish Cap as well! :smiley: I haven’t tried the original Legend of Zelda, I think it looks kinda silly tbh.

Wind waker is new. So is Minish cap.

The game had its 25th anniversary a month ago, and both those games came out 7 years ago…

Fore me, I think A Link to the Past is pretty cool.

I absolutely loved LoZ: A Link to the Past.

The only original I’ve played was the Link’s Awakening.

But Wind Waker is my favourite one of all.

I never really liked Link to the Past. Not because it was bad or anything, but because I’m horrible at it. In fact, I’m horrible at all of the 2D Zelda games for some reason… Ah, well, I think that OoT is my favorite then. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Majora’s Mask as well, but I just haven’t played it very much.

On a side note, hey zyzzy!

Hello there! You must be new to these forums.
Also, I would agree with you, LoZ: OoT was amazing; it probably is my favorite too.

Yeah. These at least. Thank you.
But yeah, OoT is awesome. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never beat it, though. I just can’t find my way around the Fire Temple. (And if what I’ve heard is true, the Water Temple will be worse… yay. x]) Wind Waker was pretty good too, but I’m not entirely sure that it can be called ‘old.’ Still, it was on an older console.

Well, welcome to Notessimo!
Also, the Water Tower sucks; have fun! xD And Wind Waker is good, but I still prefer OoT.

ohai TAK

I wish I still had Wind Waker, I had to give it up when my family sold the Gamecube. :\

Yeah, I’d love to play it again.

And welcome TAK. I thought you were Fluttershy [XD] at first!

Yep. I could plug it in right now, but I’m just too lazy to find those Triforce pieces… Maybe later. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And thank you. I understand the confusion, haha. Maybe I should change my avatar? x]

@zyzzy - Oh man, that sucks. Wind Waker was/is great. Sorry that you can’t play it anymore. :confused:

It’s fine. I love Fluttershy too.

Yes. Yes you should.

I’m actually reliving my childhood by playing that. It’s still had to believe how awesome it is, the only games that come close to it are Pokemon Gold and SML2. Really makes me sad to see the decline of handheld games as of late, although there has been a recent spike in good games, which, funnily enough, are all remakes (Tetris DS, New Super Mario Bros, HG/SS, and of course, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks).

Not too certain about this thread, as it’s far too easy to stray into new game/old game comparisons, which means it should be merged with the existing Zelda thread.

LoZ O of T
epic soundtrack

And other reasons