One More Beat by leifeday

You know how a couple of hours ago this wasn’t finished?
Well, now it is!
This is also an accomplishment for me (check the length)!
And yes, I’m still working on want you gone… occasionally. Making stuff up is just a lot easier. Take that as you will.

[6 hourse](

(I'm not linking to the unfinished One More Beat because what's the point?)

PS: Thanks for the dubstep tips, carrot!
PPS:If this tune doesn’t get stuck in your head, you aren’t human

This song has a more techno vibe than dubstep.

i thought it kinda sounded chiptuney

Way to long for how repetitive it is… but, since your new to this, it was alright.

Dont try for long songs try for “good” songs (being new on notessimo a minute to a minute and a half will be MUCH better buddy).

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I agree with George here.

I wasn’t trying for it to be 4 1/2 minutes long, but i also think that this is the best song I’ve made so far as well as the longest

and i did notice that the synth could get annoying after a while and i apologize

I’m not that new to notessimo! I actually released a song back in february that was apparently EXTREMELY forgettable since everyone keeps saying I’m new here (although, i can see why…)

The synth sounds weird when they are very close to eachother.

the high syths are a bit off other wise great song