Overhead Car Engine (AS3)

[http://fighterlegend.deviantart.com/art ... -160301099](http://fighterlegend.deviantart.com/art/AS3-Car-Physics-v0-3-160301099)

Planned updates:
V0.4 - Drift addition
V0.5 - Map change
v0.6 - Hit-tests added
V0.7 - Perspective view
V0.8 - Perspective minimap (3Dish)
V0.9 - Make a destruction engine (damageable car)
v1.0 - Convert all code to separate classes

Tell me what you think! It’s not much, really, but the coding is a couple hundred lines… On different layers. xD

  1. I hope you’re not a bot.
  2. I love the statistics box
  3. You spelt “panel” wrong
  4. Needs walls
  5. Don’t like how the boxes move
  6. Needs different tracks
  7. Maybe things like bridges and stuff to make it funner
  8. You could like hide money on the track and when you collect it you can buy new car colours, etc.

Sorry, you don’t have to use these ideas.

Great work though! It’s really good!

Not a bot. Check his other posts

Yeah, I know that.

  1. No, I hate them too. xD
  2. Thanks.
  3. Really? Oh well…
  4. I’ll add that once I make the drift…
  5. Okay, I’ll see what I could do about them. I can’t put them into the vCam box, though. It’ll make everything distorted.
  6. I’ll make them later xD
  7. I’ll see what I could do…
  8. Eh, maybe just drag races or something?

Can you lock the boxes into the screen corner?

Hmm fighterlegend sounds familiar.

I have it to follow the Vcam… but I could possibly make it follow the stage (screen) which means it’ll be locked.

If that doesn’t work, I have a few more ideas…

Sandalman also sounds familiar… I was on these websites, and some I’m still on:

I also have alt accounts I use on some other websites:

Two long-lost brothers battle their way to defy fate and reunite in an epic battle of lost hope, crushed dreams, and broken hearts.

Haha, you got that right ;D

It’s incredibots, I remember I made the first succesful Bird eye view game then someone hacked my account and deleted everything. I have an awesome challenge made but I gotta redo the win conditions because one doesn’t work and its impossible to figure out which one.

I used to go there but the kiddies ruined my fun.

Ah… That sucks. I think I remember that…

I’m a moderator over at Incredibots… I don’t really like it at those forums anymore. It’s not so much fun as it used to be, and the company BigFishGames took away our freedom to post images… They hired the makers of IB, and now there’s no updates for IB anymore…

You were a stick figure with an AK and a knife and you had to go through a prison and get to the helicopter.

Yep, I remember ;D

I felt so special cause it was the only feature I got, next game I got if probably featureable if I finish it. Any chance your flash car simulator is gonna become a game?

Ehh, I was thinking along the lines of creating an overhead game engine…

It’ll be easier for others (if they pay ) to make an overhead game, and easier for me to just apply it to any game I would like…

Though, in order for people to pay, I’ll need to do a lloootttt of improvements on this…

I played that 4 years ago. What happened to IB?

edited: Sorry for off-topic post.

It’s now open-source 'cause they didn’t make a lot of revenue from supportership and stuff. It’s community is still somewhat alive.