Parasite Eve ~ Out of Phase - Police Station Theme (unfinished) by Angrypanties99

Hello! I’m Angrypanties99! I’m new to this website so I may need some tips on this “game” haha! I’ve just started a few days ago and am still learning all the tools to Notessimo!

This is from Parasite Eve 1! It’s called Out of Phase. I should note that it’s unfinished. Sorry! I’ll try and finish it soon. Hope you enjoy!

Another side note is that I arranged the melody notes and harmony notes from a sheet music I found online. I had to be inventive and try and figure out the rest of the instruments by listening to the original song.

(a rearrangement of Yoko Shimomura’s “Out of Phase - Police Station Theme” from Parasite Eve for the Playstation 1 by Angrypanties99)


Welcome to the sight angrypanties!! Its a good song, especially for a first song. You seem pretty good at instrumentation with this program (the vibraphones with the marimbas sound exceptionally clever for a new comer who has only just touched the program).

Parasite Eve. Memories… I like you already. ;)

Welcome to the site! This is a wonderful (albiet short) arrangement, very nice use of the differnt instrumentations!

Thank you! I hope to finish this song too! Well, I know just a little bit about music so yeah haha! Well, the original song had thick texture in it so I had to put the vibraphones for an echo effect because the marimbas couldn’t do that! Also the crystal instrument gave an ambient noise so it made the texture thicker. :) Thank you for the warm welcome! :)

Welcome to Notessimo!

Thank you! :) :) :) I really like that game. I was just playing it as a mod on my PS3 yesterday!

Thank you all for the welcomes! :) :) :)