Party Techno! by Timo. Verbist

I hope you don’t mind i’m using 300% again. Sheets 13-14 & 18-20 are Easy Listening Parts.

You might think i stole the drums from On The Moon, but those are my song’s new drums.

For a loop, use the old player and use Sheets 4,5,6,7,8,9,15,16,15 & 17 for a loop.

I’m a little bit like cartrox for a reason: I enjoy producing Electronic Music too.

This can be used in a party.

I hope you enjoy, but use the old player for this time on this song.


would be tons better without the low pitched cymbal
just saying


Maybe you are right, Malice!

Sooner or later i’ll work on this song to remove the cymbal. :wink: