People who inspire you

I’m not sure if there was a topic for this, but I made one anyway, because this man is truly inspirational.

Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory: Who is Rob Dyrdek?

Watch this 20 minute documentary on Rob Dyrdek. The stuff he does and how he thinks is amazing.

So who do you find inspiring?

Goddamn country restrictions.

What do you mean by “inspire”? Like, composing-wise?

Doesn’t have to be. I would’ve put this in the “music” part then. Rob Dyrdek is not a composer though. He is a famous skateboarder. When he was little he was an amazing soccer player and when his mom wanted him to be a soccer player he said no, because he had bigger things planned for his future. It’s a shame you can’t watch that video.

I am inspired to do maths by Vi Hart 'cus I think she’s pretty cool for a maths nerd.


Well, people who inspire me to make music are:
1.) Nuseline (For Uniqueness and Stuff)
2.) Fluttershy/StarwarsXD (For Realism and Overall Inspiration)
3.) Guitarskills/Pinkie Pie (For Theory)

Oh and Ashley, my math teacher showed me Vi Hart.
Some hot shizz she is.

I love her. (Actually I’m inspired not to do maths and instead doodle because of her.)

You inspire me too! But probably the person who most inspires me is DD.

person who inspires me is grant kirkhope… that is all


And you inspire me to procrastinate…
Maybe I should get on that…

Wow, I wish she was my algebra teacher.

this is my favorite Mathematician who inspires me


I’m keep this thread clean. If you wanna talk about Mathematicians, can you go make a Mathematicians thread?

sorry I meant he inspires me at math


There’s no point starting a new maths thread. I’m sure just a few off topic posts are allowed.

I’ve watched a few of his vids, and now I’m gonna watch them all!

I know, Muse. I’m ok with a couple off topic posts, but I don’t want it to get out of hand. I also don’t want us all being inspired by mathematicians.


I’m inspired by Einstein…

I’m inspired by Renard…

I’m inspired by ponies…

hears someone yell "in b4 Pony jokes

hears same person yell “dang it!”

Because this thread would then be a mathematician thread and I don’t want that. -.-

You said yourself the thread could be about being inspired by anything. It’s not your thread, it’s a free one where you can be inspired by anybody.