Petition to change the "Test" instrument's icon back into a question mark

Or at least a synthesizer. Making it a mario head kinda feels wrong to me for some reason. Does anyone else feel this way?

This has been my mood about a lot of instruments in v4.

This must be a bug; I don’t remember changing it specifically.

I think I gave access to moderators to be able to change icons to instruments.

If you go to the instrument’s page (I think this is the correct “Test” instrument, right?), you can click “Edit” and pick an icon (or remove it which I just did).

Now this won’t change the icon in previous songs, only newer songs that are going to use this instrument (or you can re-upload the song file as well and it should use the new icon). I have to add a new option in the edit instrument popup to specify that we want to overwrite the instrument file for previous songs as well.

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Do you mean poorly picked icons for instruments and the question mark would be better?

Currently icons are picked by default using a pretty naive algorithm based on the name of the instrument’s files or keywords I can find in the soundfont + a mix of stats from the db. It is far from perfect and never will be (maybe going the extra miles of analyzing the sound wave could work better), but I’ll refine the process over time.

There is the option to manually pick an icon (and even upload custom ones) for each individual instrument, but it can be a cumbersome process, I get why most of the time people simply press next and keep the defaults.

I was thinking about this issue, and I think “crowd-sourcing” might produce better results over-time. Basically, the idea would be that instrument with a default icon will be marked as such and a concerned user can decide to pick a better one (there would be mechanism in place to prevent grief, maybe votes or review by approved users, maybe even some rewards for helping, etc.).

Another way to help this, whenever you add a soundfont to your library, you’ll have the option to customize the icons of the instruments to your liking (eventually customizing the instrument sound as well). This will come soon in a future update.

Eh, it’s not that big a deal, it’s just that currently the process of changing the icon isn’t easy to access when you’re in the middle of composing. I wouldn’t stress over it, personally.

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Should mention this is mostly just about nostalgia for me. Test became a ubiquitous instrument for V3 so we came to identify it by the lack of an icon associated with it. It’s part of what made it unique.

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Madlad actually did it. Truly we have the greatest of admins.

Is it worth locking a thread in current year? Matter is closed as far as I’m concerned.

I added the fixed tag which is only accessible from mods / admin. Not sure if it’s worth closing the thread. Up to you!

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