Pirates of Piano Land by Piano Pirate

I was bored so i made to make a Piratic-a bit related to Tempolo 2-song so here it is! Tell me what you think!

You need to stop being random with your songs. Try to stick to a beat.
“Chord progression”
Also try to avoid using off-tune instruments (we all do sometimes)

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This is actually pretty decent compared to some of your previous songs. It doesn’t sound bad (except for sheet 4, the trumpet #1 is out of tune), it just has no real beat. Like TFB said above me, “Chord progression”. Don’t be random.

Other than that, nice job, TV!

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Um… the beat part I can help you with.
try ending ALL your songs on lines 5, 9, 17, 3, and 33.

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Blame the Trumpet #1!

This doesn’t sound like pirates at all!