Playback issue in edit mode with app on windows

For some reason nothing is playing in the edit mode once i place the notes down

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tested a bit nothing is playing back on the app but it does once i open the song on chrome

Might have something to do with me using v3 to add a few more layers and rename them
other than that i haven’t done anything different

I cannot repro the issue and I don’t see any crash reports either. Can you help me debug it?

  1. Do you mean that you cannot hear any sounds at all in the app? In player and edit mode? Or just the new notes that were being added?
  2. Does this happens only after you try to place notes down? Not when starting the app (so everything works fine until then)?
  3. If you try to create a new empty song, do you have the same issue?
  4. Does this happens on all songs or only some specific?
  5. Can you send me a link to the song you were trying to edit that has the issue.
  6. Does the “Read Only” features is ON? Makes sure to be logged in in the windows app as well.


This new “feature” puts all public song in read-only and you cannot add new notes until you click on “Read Only” and select “Make a remix!”

Thanks! And sorry about the issue, on my end it seems fine so hopefully this is an easy fix. I’m sure we can get to the bottom of it!

ok so what i have done is gone into v3 beforehand and layed out the layers and renamed them as well as change the tempo before importing it to v4

when selecting notes from the dropdown menu i can hear the samples fine even play them on that built in piano

but once the note is added to the sheet it doesn’t playback any sound

i have created a new song with no issues it just when i import the file it doesn’t work
Fight And Away.note (10.7 KB)

Perfect! Thank you I can repro with your file. I’ll look into it today!

Fixed in 2022.12!