playlists... Y U NO HAVE THEM!?

I liked alot of songs. There should be a feature where you could sit back and listen to the songs you liked/created.


isn’t this brought up in the Tracker?

Hm, why not.

Yeah, Jon is right. This should be in the tracker… But I like where your going with this.

I meant, it’s in the tracker already…(i think). look at the link.

Oh. Okay :3

Well actually, the tracker topic suggest a list of favourite songs, and I think this topic is suggesting a playlist where each song plays automatically.

But this should be in the tracker anyway.

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Agreed, will someone lock this? Thank you!

ohhhhhhhhhhh. I see now.

I’m surprised no one has locked this yet… :confused:

please aliens, try to act like a calm collected and experienced member like me and the lvl 81 n00b. It will get locked when it gets locked!

You’ve only been here for a few months. And for the record, Aliens is experienced.

Ace, I think he was being sarcastic…

How can you tell?

Um… Thank you…?

please! I completely serious! I roll wid da punches. I am experienced. I know how to deal with a few people insulting my position on this site :cool: :cool: (pdrum) (pguitar)

Yes but frankly, your an asshole and nobody likes you.


You’re saying you’re the only one playing big sounds, but at least a hundred guys are doing the same around town.
Also, emoticons are overrated.

This thread is now locked.

How did this comment create an argument? I’m sure uberbeast was just having some fun. It certainly doesn’t justify all the insults directed at him.