Plugins & Gear

Exactly what it says on the tin!
I was only going to post about an awesome limited time plugin giveaway, but I couldn’t find a topic about plugins or gear at all! Seems like it should be standard on a music-based forum, so feel free to move this post if I missed it.

Now the giveaway lasts only today, and all you need is your name and email to enter!
It’s for Waves ‘Mercury’ bundle~

I have a good few of Waves plugins and they are fantastic from what I’ve seen. I use some of them every day~ It’s definitely worth at least entering

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since this seems like a cool topic that hasn’t gone anywhere yet, i’ll just post the headphones i use:

41eeOaJsRML.SY300.jpg Audio Technica ATH-M30
Really good quality studio headphones that are fairly cheap for what most headphones like these go for (and by that I mean you can get these on amazon for around $60-$70), and they’re super friggin comfy too.