Pokemon Red/Blue: Lavender Town Remix by Cover by ViciousViridian Remixed by TV

Well, here is my remix to your cover Vicious, what do you think?

I added sheets to make a remix out of it.

Use the old player, Synth Bass #1 on the new player sounds Gross.

is this a remix or a sad excuse for a posted song?

The remix sounds gross. I expected adding like just drums or something, but no, you just add bad random notes that don’t even flow into the rest of the song. Put more time in all of your work, Tim. Remember that if you try to remix this again.

judging you

T.V’s parts don’t sound all that bad; they’re just out-of-place. By themselves, they sound all right.

I just think Sheet 11 is messing up the flow of the song. You might need to add a couple more measures or maybe just one more to match the flow. Your sheets’ measures combined add up to 49 (not a factor of 8). So if you subtract one or add 7 more measures then it’ll sound okay. :smiley:

Plus, the hi-hats should keep a steady pace.