Pokemon Showdown

I found a site where you can play Pokemon on your browser. It’s free, and you don’t need to sign up for it, but you DO need to sign up if you want to be in the chatroom that’s in there.


Ready to battle? Then let’s go!

Yay for competitive Pokemon Battling.
Rediculously hard to win at.

I personally prefer the cartridge games any day though. I like being able to say I bred and EV trained all my pokemon with pride.

OH HO But you can build teams and even configure their EVs and IVs. You can do pretty much anything in Team Builder.

I know exactly what you can do with it. Competitive battle loses the glow of the team buider after awhile, when you find out its basically run Drizzle Politoed, Ferrothorn/Skarmory, Tornadus/Thunderus, Multiscale Dragonite, and two other filler pokemon or prepare for a huge downhill battle against the current destruction that Rain is bringing upon OU. Unless you want to play a different tier and lose some of your favorite pokemon that is.

So I’ll stick to staying away from competitive battling, I would much rather give up running perfectly EV’d/IV’d teams to regain the spirit of fun I would playing with my friends with “sub-optimal” teams" that we have put time into perfecting instead of just changing a few numbers, despite them being inferior in every way to a “competitive team”.

The only reason I really see to play is because its free and you don’t have to go and buy a DS and black/white 2. But still I find the lack of creativity the current metagame allows for is more than enough reason to pretty much keep me away forever lol.