Poker Night 3 Character Roster Suggestions

My friend and I were discussing this the other day.
Here are our suggestions. Can YOU think of any?

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Player Characters:
Eddie Rigs - Brutal Legend
Evil Ophelia - Brutal Legend
Lucario - Pokemon Series
Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite
Johnny Napalm - Guitar Hero
Mad Moxxi - Borderlands
Link - Legend of Zelda
Omid - The Walking Dead
Bosco - Sam and Max
Bubs - Home Star Runner
Wilson - Don’t Starve
And some other Practical Personality Persuaders.

Dealer ideas:
The Announcer - Team Fortress 2
Alice - Alice: Madness Returns
Sybil - Sam and Max
Lou - Guitar Hero 3
Dante - Devil May Cry
Rucks - Bastion
Chuck Greene - Dead Rising 2
Dr. Breen - Half Life 2
Dr. Fetus - Super Meat Boy
Some other Card Credential Capers

Bartender Ideas:
Agent 47 - Hitman
Beat - Jet Set Radio
Menendez - Black Ops 2
(Mainly Demoman)
Ogmo - Super Meat Boy
Chell - Portal
Wheatley - Portal 2
Gordon Freeman - Half Life
Conker The Squirrel - Conker’s Bad Fur Day
And some other Loyal Liquor Lassies.

Got any Ideas?

All of those are actually really good ideas. What is this for? I’ll see if I can think of one.

Edit: I got an idea for the bartender. Claptrap from Borderlands.

CL4P-TP was already in PN2…

Oh… I have no idea other than that. What is Poker Night 3?


Never mind, I looked it up. How about the Curiosity Core from Portal?

Dealer? Player? 'Tender?


How about the guys from good burger as player too?

Duke, this is virtual poker. The people are from games.

Then I’m making a good burger game! Also master chief would make a great bar tender or dealer. deadpool and duke nukem as players.

Maybe Chuck from Deadrising 2 would be a good dealer.

EDIT: Wait… You had that idea before I did? Ugh…

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I thought the same thing!

Potato GLaDoS as bartender :L

Haha, that would be funny. I like the idea of a potato giving drinks to players.

Maybe it could be


Badum ch!!!

Only Russians drink vodka and live!!! Handsome jack from borderlands, dealer or player?

Dealer would be cool. Maybe Alyx as a Player, or GMAN as dealer!

HAX Guy, Dealer.

That’s Dr. Breen.