Post Your Old Songs

This is probably gonna get locked or in the wrong forum, but post an old song and say something about it.


This is when I found out how to do echoes and thought, “LET’S DO A SONG WHERE THE ECHOES GET REALLLY ANNOYING!” Well I didn’t think that but I thought the echoes were REALLY Cool.


I think this might last for a while. Please give it a chace moderators. :)

I made this song back when I was asking questions and fairly new to the site. I was still getting to know everybody. :3


I made this back when I was an idiot and an asshole.

“smooth buns.”

One of the songs when i was improving:

One of my better old songs that I thought sucked at the time.

My first cover. Ever. (What was I thinking?)


Back when I thought making hiphop on Notessimo and random endings were so cool.

P.S. It’s not.

my first long song!!

back when i was an idiot on Notessimo.

While you were testing out echos, I was doing… this.

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Copying midis? That’s nice.

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As much as I didn’t even know what midis were back then, that’s exactly what I was doing.

Haha. That’s awesome, Blarg.

when i said “composement” instead of “composition”