Posts randomly getting deleted.

I have a problem. There are posts poeple make in the forums and I come back to see them and there deleted.
I don`t understand the action thats taking place, Is this done to save space? Is it a glitch or bug?

I’m quite sure that none of us mods would ever delete posts to save space. It’s probably a glitch.

Maybe the posts are being merged with others? Could you give an example?

In the “What are you listening to?” thread, one of my posts was deleted when I tried posting in it.

Sometimes just after you make a post, the post seems to have disappeared, but if you reload the page you can see it is there.

No its not there =/.
You know, when I was checking the “bugs and feature requests” and there was a thread about a Google bot obtaining actsess to the moderator control panel. It also listed in one of the comments a small amount of info regarding it’s capablilities, one of which was deleting posts.
It was an old thread though and the bot is probably gone.

Did you try to post it again?

walrus topics. deleted posts. remember? xD

No point to read it anyway. =P

Yeah, this has happened before, an example is in one of the two Walrus threads.

What is causing it?
I think it`s a type of lag.

No idea. I would have said if we knew. : /

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