Problems uploading a song

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to upload a song, but, I noticed that when i’m playing it (in pre-view or when I just uploaded it) the song gets completely messed up! Could anyone explain me why? (anyway on my software I don’t have any problem).
Thank you!

Can you explain how the songs are completely messed up? Are the pitches off, volume balance off, instruments not playing at all, etc. Song preview and uploaded playback is fine on my end so I can’t reproduce the issue. Try giving your .note file to Starburst, perhaps he could figure something out.

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Mh it’s hard to explain. I mean, some pitches are wrong and the length of some notes it’s wrong. Also the moment in which a note has to be played is sometimes missed (sometimes is a little soon or late)

Did a bunch of fixes to get more accurate V3 compatibility and released a new version of the player and converter (there was also some bug fixes).

Basically, one of the issue was varying tempo, in V4 the player can change the tempo but this occurs only for sheets on the top row, so sheets on different rows that have a different tempo in V3 will get converted (“scaled”) to the current tempo which can introduce inaccuracies. So it’s best to keep sheets that change tempo on the top row in V3.

This was a necessary change in V4 to make all sheets “fit” geometrically, there isn’t a tempo per sheet but more of a global tempo that can change on a note trigger or at the beginning of a sheet positioned on the top row. It makes things more simple I think.

Another issue was a lot of the notes had absolute positioning / length (ex: 0.2536457 instead of 0.25) which can happens in V3 when you toggle the magnet off. I fixed some of the inaccuracies but internally V4 is very different from V3 and unless you use the magnet it can get inaccurate. In V4 you will get varying degree of “snap” based on the current zoom level up to 1/128th but I really want to discourage the use of absolute positioning in V4 so I think that feature will be hidden or even locked. Basically note position / length is a multiple of 1/128 with no in-between.

Anyone that had issue with inaccurate V3 playback of their song in the V4 player are encouraged to re-upload the original file (“Edit” / “Change file”), hopefully it should sounds much closer to how it played in V3.

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