Pull Me Under |Update 3| by Dream Theater / Arr. Apocoloptogon

Since I probably won’t update this again for a while, I decided to upload this just to get what I have so far, I didn’t add much, but it did take me a while, especially for the keyboard part in sheets 7 and 6. Also, when I use my faux “dual-tracking” with the guitars, it transitions strangely from sheets 2 to 4. Sheet 2 is “single-tracked”, while sheet 4 and on is “dual tracked.” It sounds strange and I also had to make the non-main chord notes “single-tracked” because they sounded strange the other way. Well, I guess tell me how I did, and I will try to finish this before V3 is released (If it is released)
Last Update’s description:

[details=Click to expand]So, I have hardly added anything since the last update, but it’s what I have. I just barely started working on it again today, so that’s why there’s hardly anything added.
Some parts are a little bit awkward, like the bass from measures 33-48. I don’t know if there are any better substitutes for that kinda of bass. I tried with the just the Damant Spectrums but it sounded terrible.
Well, anyway, I had added about 50 seconds of the song and I am nearly at the heavier part of the song.
Anyway, tell me how I did, how I can improve, and whatever else you can throw at me.[/details]

Please use old player
thank u.
Also, don’t listen to the updates of this song if you don’t want the final product to not be as interesting.


drums need to be louder.

Yeah they totally do.
Because right now they totally aren’t almost too loud.

Needs more bass

I like how you use the Percussive Organs, this is boss!!!

You DO realise this is a cover, right…?