Pull Me Under |Update 4| Unfinished by Dream Theater

Nearly at the chorus, but I had to stop there because I will probably not have enough time in the near future to update this again.
Some parts are kinda strange, like the synth solo on sheet 13 and 14, are there any substitution instruments, or are the green synths fine? Also, in order to avoid 11/8 time signature in sheet 21, I had to add an extra note, hope you guys don’t mind.
Also, use old player.



Dream Theater is amazing. Go listen to the actual song Aliens. This remake is pretty good. It’s not very satisfactory, I can imagine, if you never actually heard the DT song, but if you have, you’d understand why it’s so hard to replicate in Notessimo (not the right sounds available).

3.5/5 for straight composition, but really 4/5 because I know how difficult it would be to do that song :). One simple thing you could do, though, is lower the vocals. I don’t think LaBrie sings that high.

Actually, most of the vocals are correct, it’s just that the vox sounds strange that high.
If I were to go any lower, it wouldn’t sound right.

Have you tried a female voice? You may have to go an octave lower, though I’m not sure.